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Scott Finch
updated May 12, 2019

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The 27 minute recording session

By Scott Finch
This was recorded on March 21,2018
An attempt to record an entire song with multiple overdubs and shoot video in 20 minutes

The Magic Box

By Scott Finch
This was recorded in February 2018
Inspired by Katherine Hetzel's The Magic Box pencil drawing
It was done in my new studio in Merritt NC.

Lay Your Burden Down

By John Bloom

Local autoharp player and singer/songwriter John Bloom singing into a 1940's RCA ribbon microphone

Rainy Day Hummingbird

Music by Scott Finch - Lyrics by You


By Scott Finch

This was my farewell video before closing down Velvet Sky Studio in Milwaukee WI.

The Palmettos at the Parkway Theater

Milwaukee band The Palmettos playing the Parkway theater on November 4,1966.
The song Molly Ann was written by Dan Dougherty and recorded around that date. The studio pictures are from that recording session.

Hotrods Video

Scott Finch on guitar and vocal, Cary Schultz on bass and Greg Slavik on drums

 1968 Finch single available as download

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