East Carolina Amatuer Movie Making Society

Definition:  A group of people interested in creating films/videos of any type to be premiered at a local venue. People of all ages and interests are welcome to participate in the writing, screenwriting, composing, acting, directing, and editing. A partial list of needed participants include: camera operators, lighting crews, set/prop builders, donors of money and equipment  and anything else you can imagine might be part of movie making.
  Depending on the number of participents, here are a couple of film making scenerios ...
4-8 persons: Create a short 5-8 minute film in a month or two and get it shown as a opening short at the Old Theatre film night.
Going forward...
Let's have a initial meeting/brainstorming session to come up with plan, participant list and timeline to create out first "test" film and see how much fun we can have.