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These are videos that I either performed in or produced.

Milwaukee band The Palmettos playing the Parkway theater on November 4,1966.

 The song Molly Ann was recorded around that date. The studio pictures are from that recording session.

Scott Finch Live in Velvet Sky Studio
 Performed February 12, 2016.
 I wrote this after being inspired by the Milwaukee Symphony concert of
 Rachmaninoff Symphony No. 2 on February 5, 2016.
Listening to the flow of the chord changes at the concert made me want to do something similar.
Dispite my grand vision, it turned out sounding like me.

Just unearthed this HotRods video from Sept. 20, 1985
Thanks to Captain Video Thanks to Captain Video (Scott Gnacinski) for bringing this to me.
 There are more from this TV show, so let me know if want to see more.

We are getting a puppy.....I just had to do this

Just found this White Lie video....I don't remember this....sf

Below I have links to some Bluehand 3rd of July 2006 at Veterans Park videos
Thanks Mark Casanova  for the correct date on that. Check out Marks one camera, one take video of Spoonful
near the bottom of the page.....great camera work!
Mark Casanova behind the scenes

That's Nick Rondinelli in front of the stage and Kathy Fishers Canon in foreground          photo by Mark Casanova

Age of Unreason
Star Spangled Banner and Ain't Goin Down
Cry a Bloody River
Waiting for You

The Front

The Eddie B Jazz project recorded at my studio on May 5 2013
They were great! Here is a quick live demo.